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Drawing Jeremy Irons while watching The Borgias. Because Jeremy Irons.

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elenilote said: you have a rocking chair!!! *sob* SO JEALOUS

A rocking chair indeed! And I love it <3 (For a sour bad ass my flat is strangely granny-esque.)

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I’m always interested in the way people set up their work spaces.

I did a little updating on mine this month, and here’s the result (in shitty photos – I really need a proper camera). I turned my desk so I can now face the window instead of a dull wall. I put away some gadgets I rarely use (paper cutter, light table etc.), and donated all the piles and piles of art books and supplies I didn’t need. I also got an agile lamp, so I can move the light around. Not too shabby!

In the future I’d love to invest on a standing desk and get rid of the wires. Ergonomics is the new black!

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A few close ups of a 5 part illustration series I made for a kids’ magazine.

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A set of ink drawings from my trip to Japan. A5, for sale at Kikucon this weekend. 

(At the moment in the shop in Kemiö)

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Saami inspired cutiepatootie elves.

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5 Minute DIY Hobo Memo Board

Super useful and sort of cool to boot! You’ll need:

  • a frame (I got mine from a dumpster)
  • yarn or wire
  • staple gun (or whathaveyou)
  • clothespins & stuff to hang
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My 24 Hour Comic! 24 pages & cover, on A4 with ink, markers and pencil. This was my first time taking part in the 24HCD challenge, so I cut corners with the script and tried to draw as fast as I could. I ended up finishing 8 hours “too early”. But now I know! Next time I can have more confidence in my speed and just focus on making sense :D (I do like the basic idea here, though: a young house elf in cahoots with the dangerous cat.)

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HOT DAMN I finished my 24h comic 8 hours early! I’ll throw a few photos here before I’m alive enough to scan 24 pages (it’s all kinds of 3am atm). I had a lot of fun with everyone, and I’m sure to take part again next year! The result wasn’t ART, but gave me a ton of new ideas and made me draw. Like, a lot. In quick succession. 

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